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Fur Baby Safe Arrangements

We have designed arrangements with our little fur babies in mind, though we may have to tweak a few things like some of the foliage. Our pets are often very wise about what to avoid by just scent but occasionally they get ahead of themselves and are not always in tune to the natural world. Some flowers can cause simply a tummy ache and in some cases they can be toxic as in the example of lilies. I personally have not had a problem with some of the flowers on the no no list but just to be safe, to keep them to healthy and spry I have listed a few that are perfectly safe. If you have any questions always talk to your Veterinarian.

Flowers that are SAFE for cats and dogs include but not limited to: Bells of Ireland, Freesia, Gerbera Daisy, Lisianthus, Limonium, Orchids, Roses, Snapdragons, Stock, Sunflowers, Trachelium, Veronica, Wax Flower.